5 Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments

Just because we get older, doesn’t mean that we have to accept the ravages of time on our skin. At Reflection spa, our anti-aging treatments turn back the clock on a number of superficial dermal blemishes; one of the simplest and most effective methods we use is laser skin treatments, where we use two of the industry’s best machines, the GentleMax Pro®, and the VBeam Perfecta lasers. Combined with our expertise, our laser anti-aging treatment tightens and restores your skin while eliminating unsightly marks. Why wear your age like an old coat when you can retain your youth for longer?

Come in today to enjoy one of our several laser skin treatments, including:

  • Laser facial: Do you suffer from acne? Do you stare down broken capillaries and wrinkles when you look in a mirror? Do you have rosacea? In a quick 20 minutes, our specialized laser treatment rejuvenates your skin by targeting and mitigating redness in the skin, wrinkles, and dermal blemishes. No need to take off too much time from what you want to be doing, we’ll have you in and out and looking better than ever.
  • Skin tightening: As we get older, our skin stretches out and droops, leaving some with saggy cheeks and excess skin. Our skin tightening treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning you can relax as we contract your skin to get rid of wrinkles, creases, and crows feet.
  • Photorejuvenation: Sun exposure can do a number on our skin and damage it more than we realize, such as discoloration. With the use of the GentleMax Pro® and VBeam lasers, we can reverse the effects of sun damage to truly make your skin shine like new.
  • Spider vein removal: When blood vessels pop, they can create what are known as spider veins, red or blue lines just under the skin that many find unsightly at best and ugly at worst. They are now a worry of the past thanks to our laser skin treatment and your skin will look younger overnight.
  • Broken capillaries: Enlarged blood vessels cause red blotches to appear across the face, but with one single wavelength laser, we remove the splotches to make your face look smooth and homogenous.

If you’re tired of seeing your age looking back at you in the mirror instead of a youthful and smiling face, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. With the advent of laser skin treatment, there’s no need to worry about stress lines or sun damage; simply walk into our spa and set the clocks back for years while you enjoy that youthful smile shining back at you. Call us today to set up your appointment!