Alternatives to Botox

Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments available today and many people praise how their skin looks and feels after treatments. Some people, however, don’t like botox because they feel their face has a sort of, “frozen” look to it — particularly in the eyes and eyebrows (though this is no longer the case: Botox is completely safe and only tends to mild to moderate wrinkles). However, some others feel that botox doesn’t do enough to rectify their deep-set wrinkles and crows feet. We’re happy to announce that in addition to standard botox, we offer two other anti-aging injectables in case you have hesitations about botox.

What is botox

Botox is a household brand name and gift to customers who want to remove wrinkles and signs of old age, particularly around the eyes and brow. It is a protein of the botulinum toxin (that is perfectly and legally safe) that is injected directly into the skin. It blocks the nerves at the muscles to stop them from contracting and softens the face.


For people who suffer from moderate to severe wrinkles and crow’s feet, Dysport sheds years and stress off of your face. Dysport shares similarities with Botox in that it rapidly sets to work and requires very little recovery time, if any at all. The effects of Dysport injections last approximately 3-4 months and fill your face, removing any trace of the deepest-set and most aggressive wrinkles.


Say hello to the new kid on the block that gets rid of wrinkles on your face and neck. This injectable uses a more purified form of the botulinum toxin and the first new version of the toxin to be FDA approved in almost a decade. The major benefit to Jeuveau is that results begin within 12 hours, meaning you can look younger by the evening if you come in during the morning. Turn back the clocks on your looks with safe and healthy options such as Botox, or its two alternatives in anti-aging, Dysport, and Jeuveau. If you have any questions about each of these treatments, or which is one is right for you, call us, or make an appointment, today and we can go over the finer details and how much younger (and not frozen) you’ll look.