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IV Treatment

Have you been feeling a bit down lately, maybe that you’ve had trouble sleeping, feeling fatigued throughout the day, or have trouble falling asleep? What about your motivation? Does it feel like it’s impossible to get through any task, no matter how simple and insignificant it may seem? You’re not alone; plenty of people are feeling the doldrums of being inside all day due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Sheltering-in-place may have been easy for a few days, maybe even a week or two if you’re lucky, but at this point, it’s difficult to have your day upended, upheaved, and stopped in its tracks. While it’s good we’re staying home to stop the spread of the virus, that doesn’t mean our minds and bodies aren’t taking a toll. There’s a simple solution we offer that can get you back up on your feet again once this quarantine is lifted: IV therapy. To put it simply, you come in and we provide a simple, healthy, and effective solution to lift the fatigue fog, give you an energy boost, and boost your immune system. With a little bit of hydration, the vitamins and supplements are in your body the fastest way possible. All it takes is to buy a gift card now and come into our clinic once we re-open; it’s better than 2 cups of strong coffee in the morning. Maybe you want to help your skin look and feel fuller and fresher — we’ve got an IV just for you. Maybe you want to give your sore and torn up muscles a little boost to repair quicker – we have you covered. We take sanitation very seriously, and we space out appointments so that we can ensure a clean and safe environment for our staff and our guests. You can rest assured that we treat your and everyone else’s safety as our priority, and we look forward to seeing you in our spa for an IV treatment. Visit our website, or our social media pages, to learn more about our hours and services we offer to help you look and feel like the ideal you. Stay safe and we look forward to helping you online and once we reopen.