Custom Weight Loss Plans

When it comes to body types and weight loss, everyone is different; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to shedding unwanted pounds from your waistline to fit into those old pants or that old dress in the closet. First and foremost, everyone starts from a different point and has a different goal in sight; secondly, allergies, pallets, and metabolisms vary from person to person and change which foods they can/can’t and should/shouldn’t eat to lose weight; thirdly, but not lastly, not everyone can bench press their body weight, some people can barely go a mile before feeling winded at the onset of their journey. But the common factor across all people that come to Reflections Health Spa for weight loss is that they will each receive a custom plan to achieve their goals.

Most people don’t know that there are 3 main body types across people and there is overlap between them. There is thin frame, medium frame, and large frame, and beyond that there is medium-thin and medium-large; each of these body types has a clear set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to exercise and how we carry our weight. Some are better at sprinting, some are better at heavy lifting; some will lose weight in their midriff first, some will lose weight everywhere but their stomachs. In order to target certain areas, you’ll need additional insight and help, and we here to assist.

Most people make the mistake of hitting diets hard immediately and only eating salad and other veggies for every meal, but this is only a recipe for disaster. Not everyone eats the same foods and you shouldn’t always have to force yourself to eat foods you hate; nor should you find out the hard way that you have allergies to certain fruits, veggies, or proteins. Some “healthy” foods and juices aren’t quite as beneficial to weight loss as you’d think; some people make the mistake of adding too much dressing to their salads – many of which are filled with added sugars and empty calories. Cutting out all of the foods you enjoy creates a temptation and often leads to falling off the wagon and binge eating; it’s better to consult a knowledgeable weight loss consultant to help create a plan to keep you on track for the long run.

If you search the internet for how to lose weight, you’ll find plenty of trendy and flashy diets promising to help you drop pounds immediately, but many of them are difficult to adhere to and if you fall off the wagon from them, you’ll see the pounds rush right back on. Each one has pros and cons, but how are you going to know what’s best without outside expertise? If you’re considering starting your weight loss journey, come talk things through with our trained professionals at Reflections Health Spa so we can custom tailor a weight loss plan for you based on the factors we’ve discussed and more. Call us today for more information; we’ll be here waiting to help you get to a happier and healthier you.