Helpful Ways to Feel Better this Summer

Summer is just about here (if you couldn’t tell from the warmer weather and longer days). Thankfully, the sun is only going to get stronger, hotter, and we can enjoy the hot season, well, as best we can anyway, given the current circumstances. What better time than to come to our newly reopened spa to get some essential treatments, products, and guides to get that summer bod you’ve always wanted, feel and look fit, and boost your physical and mental health and wellness?

The sun can be a bit too powerful in the summer, and while it’s great to lie out with some music and cool drink (especially by a pool), you run the risk of getting some serious sunburns, which can cause serious pain and harm, as well as permanent damage. However, getting a tan at our spa means that you’re in the hands of professionals who know how to keep you safe and not expose you to the rays for too long. Also, you can always get a spray tan to eliminate those pesky tan lines – it’s quick and easy. Our associates can help you choose the right tanning option for you to minimize sun damage to your skin and give you that golden color you’re after.

Speaking of sun and skin damage, we’ve got plenty of skin treatment options available to remove wrinkles, crows feet, and sun spots. We offer a number of facials that use vitamins, enzymes and exfoliants, and chemical peels to remove dead and damaged skin cells while also promoting the growth of new, healthy cells. If you suffer from aggressive wrinkles, a simple Botox treatment can turn back the clocks and tighten up the lines on your face. We also have other ant-aging injections available if you want to avoid Botox, though it is perfectly safe and healthy. We’re here to cater to your wants and desires!

Feeling a bit drained lately? Our IV therapy offers a number of different cocktails with different perks and benefits. Need a boost to your immune system? We’ve got you covered. Had a long weekend out on the town and are feeling the ramifications of it now? Don’t worry, we’ll help you get back to 100% quickly. Are you having trouble sleeping and you need a little extra kick of nutrients to wake up and power through your day? Well that just happens to be one of our most popular cocktails and we’ll be happy to serve one up for you.

And then of course, you need to focus on healthy foods and exercise regimens so that you can look and feel your best. That’s why we have nutrition and fitness experts on hand to custom tailor diet and training plans, just for you, so that you can achieve your ideal healthy and happy body to show off in these warm summer months with lighter and airier clothing.

We’re happy to have our spa open again and to welcome all of you back. For the safety of our associates and guests, we are operating on limited schedules to accommodate extra cleaning. We also require our guests to wear masks when entering the spa to stop the spread of any virus and we will be testing temperatures at the door to ensure no one with a fever enters to put others at risk. Make your appointments today online, or over the phone, and we look forward to seeing you.