Using Lasers to Remove Lesions

Unfortunately, our bodies go through changes and our skin may develop dark spots, bumps, and more as time goes on; additionally, the skin cells stretch and wear thing over time, developing or revealing unsightly and unwanted blemishes across our bodies that we want to hide. In other cases, time isn’t solely to blame for blemishes appearing and popping up across our skin. Sun damage, growths, and more can sprout up from burns, illnesses, and more. Regardless of how they got there, people (almost always) want them gone so that their beauty isn’t marred by unwanted and unsightly marks. If you’ve ever had, or still have, a mole, wart, sunspots, spider veins or anything similar, you’ve dealt with lesions – the good news is, you no longer need to wear them on your skin, or try to hide them, for that matter, any longer. Take back your skin’s beauty and put away the concealers, scarves, gloves, and more. At Reflections Health Spa, we offer lesion reduction, mitigation, and removal with our laser treatments. With our GentleMax Pro laser, we are able to lighten and oftentimes fully remove any superficial and cosmetic damage to your skin. If you have any questions or concerns about dark spots, or small growths, that you would like us to address, feel free to call us to set up a consultation to determine the best treatment options.

What does our GentleMax Pro laser target?

Spider veins: These small red and/or blue lines creep up across the body wherever blood vessels have either enlarged and press against the skin, or have popped. Many people are embarrassed when it comes time to relax by the pool as they usually appear on the hips, thighs, and feet; in some patients, they can actually cause discomfort and pain. However, after laser treatment, they’ll be a worry of the past and you won’t need to feel self conscious any time you go out. Moles and warts: These small-yet-unsightly minor growths and bumps pop up all over our bodies. Some have them on their limbs, others on their torso, and some may have them on their faces. Rather than hear it be called a defining characteristic, or birthmark, simply contact us to set up your appointment to have them diminished and/or removed. Let your skin be your defining characteristic if you want it to be. Sunspots and pigments: Parts of your skin can darken as a result of aging, sun damage, or a combination of the two. Our GentleMax Pro helps lighten those spots to give your skin a uniform and consistent appearance. Broken capillaries: Blood vessels can easily become enlarged or dilated and create unwanted red spots on your skin. If you happen to have any around your face (normally the nose, chin, and cheeks), we can easily lighten (if not outright remove) them. If you’re tired of having unsightly spots on your otherwise perfect skin, call us today to set up your appointment. Our professionals are here to help you achieve the ideal version of you that you have in your mind and want to see in the mirror.