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Massage Therapy

Reflections offers a variety of therapeutic massage treatments to soothe and relax your body and mind. Massages can help blood circulation, aid the lymphatic system, and release and relieve tight muscle pressure caused by stress, posture, or repetitive movements. It’s also a great way to simply unwind and decrease stress.

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Swedish Massage

Relax and de-stress

Using classic Swedish techniques, this massage uses long, gliding strokes to warm and relax the muscle tissue and help improve the function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems. This massage is perfect for relaxation and relieving the stress of everyday life.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Target and loosen up strained muscles

This focused massage treatment uses more pressure to target specific areas and reach the deepest layers of tissue. It helps to warm and relax the muscle tissue, improve range of motion, increase flexibility and speed up recovery of strained muscles. This technique is ideal for relieving chronic muscle tension and aches that come with an active lifestyle.
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Juvenescent Face-lifting

Aromatherapy and Accupressure

This targeted, relaxing massage combines the benefits of Aromatherapy with Acupressure to help nourish and tone delicate facial skin and muscles.
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Hot Stone Massage

Loosen stiff muscles quickly

This specialty massage uses smooth, heated stones to loosen up tight muscles, ease stiffness, and improve blood flow by penetrating deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue more quickly than manual manipulation alone. This technique will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

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Pregnancy Massage

Relieve the stress of pregnancy

Specifically tailored to an expectant mother’s needs, this massage targets the hips, lower back, shoulders and legs. This massage helps to relieve stress for both you and your baby by improving circulation, minimizing back strain and reducing lower leg swelling. This treatment is great for before, during and after pregnancy.
(Must be out of the first trimester)

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