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Semaglutide Vial 11.7 mg in 4.5 mL

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Telehealth Visit Required Within Past 90 Days.


Patient feedback has demonstrated that Semaglutide reduced appetite, improved control of eating, reduced food cravings, and improved glycemic control. The greatest weight loss benefits were observed when Semaglutide is used in combination with lifestyle changes, which we will reinforce with the help of provider counseling and a nutrition plan. 

 If you need to use cherry or care credit payments, please give us a call at 423 900 2994 


  •  4.5 mL vial. with   11.7 mg  of medication
  • prescribed to you if deemed medically appropriate.
  • All new patients will need to complete a telemedicine visit prior to any medication being dispensed. 
  • A typical dose is .1 mL injection for week 1 and then the dose is titrated as needed weekly.
  •  Use this calculator to determine dose duration. 
  • **We do not recommend using medication past the best use by date on bottle.
    • The product must remain refrigerated after receiving for longevity.
    • Product will be fulfilled express after medical necessity is met. A brief consult either in person or remote is required.


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