Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

When people think of weight loss, the first thing they think of is that they have to spend hours every day on the treadmill, or running around through their neighborhood so that they can sweat off the pounds. People go out and buy expensive running shoes so that they can start their cardio training, but most hit a wall too quickly and those shoes end up becoming leisurewear and their dreams of running an 8-minute mile go out the door. Even for those people who can stick to their cardio regimens, they’ll eventually hit a plateau because they keep doing the same thing week after week without really changing things up. Like those who got discouraged early on in their journeys, these folks who soldiered on running will eventually hit a wall and likely fall off the wagon. Too many people give up too easily and fall back into bad eating habits and not getting enough exercise; one key trait we see in many people who try to tackle their weight loss alone is that they overlook a properly developed strength training program, otherwise known as lifting weights. Plenty of blogs will tell you that lifting weights won’t burn fat as quickly as constantly performing cardio will, but that’s not exactly true. A little known fact about weight loss and strength training is that having more muscle mass means that you’ll burn more calories per day on average — and especially while you’re working out. Another benefit to lifting weights for weight loss is that you will continue to burn calories after your workout, not just during the time you’re actively lifting, otherwise known as your basal metabolic rate. This is the scientific method your body uses to determine how many calories are used up during rest and the times you aren’t working out. Simply put, you can double — and in some cases triple — the amount of calories you burn during cardio session when you put on muscle mass. Bigger muscles means more strain on your body to perform those activities (in a good way and not if it were the same weight in fat cells) and more strain to repair and recover. If you’re interested in starting a weight loss program, we highly recommend including weight lifting. One simple trick to increase the amount of calories you burn per weight lifting session and build more muscle mass is to try compound workouts, which is just a fancy way of saying combining two weight lifting exercises (for example, bench pressing and bicep curls) in rapid succession without a break in between them. This keeps your body moving for longer, gets your heart pumping, and keeps your body from getting used to the exercises too quickly/easily. Don’t make the same mistakes as everyone before you by spending countless dollars on workout clothes and expensive running shoes. You absolutely should include cardio in your workout schedule, but don’t overlook weight lifting as a crucial part of your fitness plans. Lifting weights can be fun, easy, and a great way to keep yourself on track as you’ll notice your muscles and body become more defined over time. If you have any questions about weight loss, custom workout plans, or healthy eating, contact us today by phone or email so we can chat about your goals, diet restrictions, and more. Weight loss isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult as everyone makes it out to be.