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Tirzepatide 34 mg in 2 mL

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Tirzepatide has been demonstrated to help people lose up to 15% of bodyweight in 3 months and another 10% when taken for a year according to clinical studies.  The medication works on two receptor sites within the body curbing appetite and increasing satiety. It has been shown to do this at a relatively lower dose than semaglutide and as such with less adverse effects such as nausea, constipation, etc.  


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  • This is for a 34 mg vial diluted in 2 mL of liquid.
  • The product must remain refrigerated after receiving.
  • Product will be fulfilled express after medical necessity is met. A brief consult either in person or remote is required. 
  • Use this calculator to determine dose duration. 
  • **We do not recommend using medication past the best use by date on bottle.  



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